BB&T: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

The goal of video storytelling is to craft a compelling piece that impacts the viewer. The videos associated with this project were intended to be powerful, real stories that represent the efforts of associates and their support of different organizations.

In particular, the Lighthouse project was one of the big initiatives started by CEO Kelly King that remains in place today. Hundreds if not thousands of associates take part each year in community support of numerous causes. It is an incredible opportunity for people to come together for the common good.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is one of those powerful stories. Our team traveled to Tallahassee, Florida as well as Mexico Beach. Mexico Beach was essentially wiped out by Hurricane Michael. They also met with the team at Sleep in Heavenly Peace to hear their story and learn more about the important role they’re playing in the community.

Creative Specialists AJ Chodora and Thomas Wilson join Co-Founder Jarod Latch to share the thinking and execution behind this piece.

behind the shot

(:14) Shots from above were taken to capture the devastation.
(:34) Rain on the day of the shoot was a positive thing from a story perspective.
(1:48) All-star sound bite from a young volunteer.

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