Share Charlotte Giving Tuesday Campaign

“We had this idea when the folks at Share Charlotte called us. We wanted to withhold the big reveal until the very end, so the audience really feels the positive impact of Giving Tuesday.” explains Chief Creative Officer at Spiracle Media, Dave Kernodle.

Cinematic sequences like the shots in the Share Charlotte pieces take a lot of preparation, strategic thinking and creativity. In particular, the location scouting, lighting and compositions all had to come together in a subtle yet very unified fashion so that the viewer’s imagination is immediately sparked. 

“The entire three-spot campaign was filmed in a single day, so it was essential to have every production element 100% ready to go,” adds Kernodle, “that’s how those great surprises and unexpected images can sometimes happen.”  

The marketing team at Share Charlotte brought in Spiracle Media for this initiative because they knew they would be getting a style of visually expressive storytelling video content. They knew Spiracle could help them tell these inspiring stories of assisting people in need.  

“If you can ask questions with evocative visuals,” Kernodle continues, “and then answer them in a highly cinematic way, that’s always going to be the best approach.”

In the end, the message is simple. Share Charlotte makes the weight of a disability that much lighter through its charitable efforts. Seamlessly brought to life by a vision which involves the viewer in its dynamic visual storytelling. 

We honestly believe it was the incredible video produced by Spiracle that made the difference for us! Several of our donors had applied for matching funds from their employers raising well over what we originally thought. We are well on our way to being able to purchase our first foodie van.”

– Sue Bruce, Loaves & Fishes

behind the shot

Real people used in each video
Proud to be apart of this campaign that raised over $2million
The entire three-spot campaign was filmed in a single day

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