David Kernodle

Chief Creative Officer, Director & Partner

David Kernodle has been a pivotal part of the evolution and success of Spiracle Media. His talent and execution have pushed the overall product to new levels. David’s storytelling vision has been critical in empowering the rest of the creative team. In addition to his role as Chief Creative Officer, he is an award-winning director that oversees all advertising projects.

Dave previously worked in television for over 11 years. He attended Isothermal Community College to get a tech background in broadcasting then transferred to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where he received his degree in Mass Communications. Before graduating, he got his first job as a videographer for a CBS affiliate in South Carolina. Shortly after, he became a reporter for that bureau.

He then took a job for News 14 Carolina as a bureau videographer, but soon after he accepted a transfer to Charlotte, N.C. He worked in Charlotte as a reporter for seven years and throughout his time in television he dabbled in video production.

Dave leans heavily on his art background and apprenticed under an artist for about seven years when he lived in Rutherford County. David was born in North Carolina, a country boy from a small town who loves the outdoors, and spending time with his daughter, Sadie.

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