EVERFI Union Event

Live streaming an event can be extremely valuable when it comes to expanding your reach beyond those physically in the seats. There are many benefits, but the most important aspect is audience engagement.

By capturing your event on video, your content is accessible to a much broader audience. Not only can it be viewed in real-time, the event is preserved in its entirety to be shared short after its conclusion.

In this project recap, AJ Chodora and Thomas Wilson join Jarod Latch to discuss the potential for live streaming events. They also talk through how events provide an opportunity to capture various types of content. In the case of the EVERFI UNION event, our team spent multiple days shooting and delivering multiple types of video. Some of this content was edited into recap hype videos that were played to open the next day’s activities.

UNION is EVERFI’s company-wide event that brings together all 550 employees from across North America. Through a series of keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking events. UNION allows employees to come together to strategize, celebrate, and focus on the future of EVERFI.

behind the shot

(:10) Footage taken from the live stream.
(:42) Related events were captured.
(1:36) Graphics & additional assets were created ahead of the event.

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