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In March of 2011, Spiracle Media was founded by three former sports anchors with the goal of helping athletes leverage their brand by utilizing social media and video. Over the years since, Spiracle has become a high-end producer of storytelling content and has worked with some of the largest brands in the country.

We’ve made it a focus to build a creative team that solves problems, rather than create new ones. Our team members have worked in the media and for agencies telling stories their whole careers.

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Video production is a long-term investment that captivates your target audience and establishes your brand identity. With effective, creative, and engaging visuals, video production complements any digital marketing strategy to drive traffic and produce your desired results. Our strong expertise and journalistic background help in producing valuable video content that evokes emotion and triggers a response for boosting sales, generating awareness, driving traffic, and improving search engine rankings.

Connecting with your audience is as important as ever and video storytelling is the key. Our team has years of experience when it comes to creating multiple types of content for various platforms.
Spiracle partners with brands and advertising agencies to produce engaging content for traditional media, sales, streaming platforms, and social media campaigns.
Spiracle Films is a natural extension of the Spiracle Media family and the next frontier when it comes to the teams’ ability to produce and deliver compelling long-form storytelling. Films will focus on original content, documentaries, short films, and commercial production.


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Please take some time to tell us about your latest project or partnership that we can help you with. You can also call us at 1-844-774-7225. If this is a job inquiry, please send an email directly to info@spiraclebuzz.com.