Four Interview Looks and Their Impact on the Story

The interview is often a necessary and critical aspect of storytelling. However, framing is sometimes an overlooked and undervalued aspect of the overall video production. The same intention that’s applied to capturing other supportive visuals should guide the look and feel of the interview.  

Here are four different looks and the “why” behind their significance in each story.

Purpose of the Video: Like so many companies, BB&M Architecture is looking to attract the right talent for their organization. A great tool to support this effort is video content that’s focused on communicating the culture. 

The “Why” Behind the Frame: One of the central goals of the piece is to convey a fun and authentic workplace. That’s the reasoning behind the interview subjects finding a relaxed home on top of the table. The environment is cold and mostly colorless so that the viewers’ attention is locked on the subjects. 


Purpose of the Video: An entire suite of videos were produced for Chiron America. The messaging is focused on explaining both what Chiron does and more importantly how they do it. These videos are intended to support the brand in America and beyond. 

The “Why” Behind the Frame: Chiron produces equipment that is high-tech and state-of-the-art. With that in mind, showing their people in a similar way was key. Contrast and colors were really important with this look. The use of color provided an important pop for the viewer. This is a simple technique to make the machines and the people behind them look more interesting. The high-end look also aligns nicely with the Chiron brand. Smart, clean, expensive, and classy all came into play.

Purpose of the Video: At Viking Mergers and Acquisitions, relationships are paramount. In this particular video, Viking is spotlighting the dynamic between the buyer and seller of a business. The synergy between the two is really important.

The “Why” Behind the Frame: The frame above is from a piece featuring an individual who recently sold his water sports business. He is framed in this way to match his laid-back demeanor and delivery. The more obvious tie is the boat in plain view for direct association with his story.  

Purpose of the Video: Rely Workforce Group is committed to connecting the right employee with the right career. To showcase this success, a series of testimonials were created alongside Rely’s key clients. 

The “Why” Behind the Frame: Capturing testimonials in the environment where these individual’s work is essential to the stories. The setting for the subject featured above is a warehouse, his place of employment. The size of the frame coincides with the importance of his role as a manager. In addition, a unique part of this framing is the leading lines. The lines point directly to the subject and naturally draw the viewer’s eye.

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