Why Video Quality Definitely Matters

Whether you’re in a service or product driven business, quality matters. You want the customer to experience the best of who you are whether that comes in the form of a widget or a warm conversation. It’s really important to establish a great first impression and build from there. Video production should be approached in the same way. 

When it comes to producing video content, quality has always mattered. There have certainly been fluctuations when it comes to what is acceptable and in what context. The standard loosened up quite a bit during the height of the pandemic thanks in part to remote communication, but the pendulum has swung back the other direction. Here are four reasons why video quality definitely matters in today’s environment.   

Stand Out

Video content has increasingly moved to the front of the line when it comes to being a sought after and effective way of communicating with customers, colleagues, and prospects. It’s no secret that storytelling wields impressive power. The caveat is that it needs to be done well. Both quality of video and story matter. This is certainly the case when it comes to humor

The late adopters have finally joined the party and a number of them have the budgets to play the game at a high level. More video in the mix translates into a greater need to stand out from the crowd especially in your own space. The good news is that there is quite a bit of underwhelming video content being created. This leaves a significant opportunity to beat the competition. 

BB&M is looking to attract the right talent. They fully embraced video as a recruiting tool to effectively communicate their culture.

Perception is Everything

The way in which customers and clients receive information has undergone a dramatic shift over the last several years. You used to focus your messaging on what you wanted the audience to hear. Now, individuals are looking to make a connection to your product, service, or organization. They want videos that inform, educate, and inspire through story. How will your product or service improve my life? 

If you fail to deliver, they’ll go elsewhere in search of a deeper connection. Quality attracts and retains attention. If your video production efforts result in poor audio and or video quality, the consumer might view your organization as subpar as well. You might have the better product or service, but you lose. Perception is everything. 

Engage Your Audience

At some point, we’ve all watched a two minute video that feels like five or a five minute video that feels like two. Which one feels better? Of course, the latter feels much better. It’s also more effective because the content has succeeded at capturing our attention. The elements of the video have us hooked.  

Attention is a hard thing to win these days with distraction lurking around every corner. We are competing for engaged viewers. That’s why compelling video done well is so vital. Depending on the platform, the margin of error is thin and the content must meet the challeng

Video storytelling was leveraged in a powerful way by Novant Health to share an emotional patient story. 

Exceed the Bar

If you’re an organization that’s serious about marketing, you should be serious about video. This doesn’t mean you proceed under the weight of self imposed pressure. It simply means you should give it the attention it deserves while seeking to do your best. You can set the tone for an organization, product, fundraising effort, or brand through one powerfully orchestrated video. 

Not many tools pack the punch or potential that video content does. With all of that said, there is likely an amazing opportunity to surpass the current bar within your corner of the universe. Communicating story and meaningful visuals are worth every part of that effort.



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