Director’s Commentary: Tye Medical

Humor is a tricky thing to pull off. Comedic appeal within a video is a delicate balance between staying natural and crossing the line. The Spiracle Media team was recently tasked with striking this balance for one of their partners.

Tye Medical offers incontinence products. For most, this is quite uncomfortable to think about. That feeling extends to potential consumers of the product. Given that reality, education is of heightened importance when connecting with those prospective buyers.

Instead of going the traditional route with this series of videos, our team and their reps decided that humor could provide the most impact. After all, laughter is healthy. With that in mind, the key to this whole project was building entertainment value around the conversation while preserving the integrity of the actual product.

Creative Video Specialist, AJ Chodora, led the charge as the director. In this video, he shares behind-the-scenes insight on what it took to bring this series to life.

Director’s Commentary (1:52)

:60 Spot

:15 Spot



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