Eight Ways to Enhance Your Live Stream Event

Live stream has become a hot topic of conversation. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced teams into remote working environments while throwing the event world into a tailspin. 

This uncertainty mixed with the availability of technology has created a significant opportunity in the virtual space. Platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams check the box when it comes to video conferencing — but what if you want to create a fuller, more captivating experience?  

Here are eight ways to enhance your live stream event. 

Figure out the Why

Figuring out the “why” is a critical part of any decision-making process. What’s the goal of your event? Are you looking to educate prospective or current clients? Do you have important information to deliver from a leadership level? Are you looking to entertain? 

All the above questions are essential. Knowing your audience directs the format, content and how you deliver it. Without knowing the “why”, you’re lacking clarity of purpose. 

Host it on Your Website

Your website is the central hub of your business. In nearly every scenario, your marketing efforts should direct people back to your site. It puts your audience in a great spot to explore your brand and find out more about what you do. 

Platforms like Vimeo’s livestream allow you to embed the virtual experience on your website. Building a specific landing page for the event is also highly recommended. If you’re audience is internal, you can enable password protection. 

Make It Interactive

People love to participate! Whether it’s through Q&A or live polling, give your audience an opportunity to have their voice heard or vote counted. You can easily add this feature to a keynote or panel discussion. 

Make it a goal to get people involved. This helps sustain attention and gives people an added reason to stay engaged. 

Up the Quality  

Quality matters. People are being inundated with event invites. My grandfather used to say that it only takes a nickel more to go first class.

The quality should represent your brand or the brand that you aspire to be. Your event is a direct reflection of your organization. Putting together an event with a higher level of production value shows that you truly care. 

Mix in Pre-Produced Content 

This whole blog is centered around how to enhance your live stream event. The addition of supportive and compelling visuals are a great way to boost engagement. 

You can do this by adding full screen graphics and animations. Videos are a fantastic way to create excitement around your message. Emotional storytelling is always a welcome addition! 

Spend Time Preparing 

The reason I include this point is because if you’re not in the production business, there might be a disconnect when it comes to the amount of work that goes into pulling off a successful live stream event. Run of show, scripting, asset collection and run-throughs should all be considered. 

Make sure that everyone clearly understands their role in pre-production and during the event. This limits the potential for technical mistakes. When they do occur, acknowledge and move on.   

Choose the Right Technology 

There are an array of platforms to choose from. A few basic tools were mentioned in the intro paragraph. The ones that still might be the best fit for you. One avenue to consider is consulting with professionals that have put in the work and the research.

They can help you identify the right tool(s) and assist with execution as needed. Tools can be combined to create a multi-location feel that works in a seamless manner. Streamyard is an easy way to bring a different look to hosting an event with multiple guests. The key is running the backend. 

Define the Appropriate Length 

Even if you have strong content, don’t waste it by going too long.  Short, energized bursts of content play well with the audience. An hour is a great place to start if you’re driving the event with a speaker or roundtable discussion. On the contrary, workshops can run longer. 

People value their time and they should. We only have so much of it. Set accurate expectations and find your sweet spot. You’ll sense when something is too long. 

Live stream is a tremendous tool that companies of all sizes can use to connect with both internal and external audiences. Pick a few opportunities and do them well. Your audience will appreciate it and the return on the backend will be worth the effort. 

As my grandpa used to say, it only take a nickel more to go first class. Well, maybe a few nickels.   

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