Professional vs Amateur Videography, What’s the Difference?

Video is everywhere, that’s a fact. But can everyone create the cinematic look and feel of a professional video? That’s what we’ll dive into in this article. The main differences between videography from a professional versus an amateur videographer.

Professional video production takes expertise, the right equipment and significant time to perfect the craft. As you read this article and watch the video, you’ll notice the equipment, creative eye and expertise a professional videographer brings to the table compared to someone that doesn’t have the same experience behind a camera.

Getting the Shot

A team of video professionals has the eye for finding visually appealing shots that work well with the story they’re producing. Capturing the right camera angle and shooting with purpose isn’t something that comes naturally to most. Professionals spend years developing an eye for dynamic shots.

Capturing the right angle is critical when telling your story. It’s these precise vantage points that make a video more impactful and engaging.

Similar to photography, the rule of thirds applies to videography as well. You’ll notice in the pro vs amateur video challenge below, Austin practices the rule of thirds while capturing his b-roll shots.

Video Quality and Equipment

Professionals are equipped with the latest in camera technology. They know the correct lens to use for specific shot selections, which is key. A hobbyist is often times limited to the number of shots they can get because they lack the correct camera equipment.

Yes, iPhone quality continues to improve with every new iPhone release. However, the camera quality in an iPhone compared to a top Canon DSLR or Sony mirrorless camera is incomparable when it comes down to video and photography.

In this video series, Spiracle Media’s Senior Creative Video Specialist, Austin Huddy, had fun with a Pro vs Amateur b-roll challenge.

In the above video, Austin is shooting on a Sony a7iii and Austin’s girlfriend, Ashleigh (who is not a professional videographer), is shooting on her iPhone.

In the above video, Austin is shooting on an iPhone and Austin’s girlfriend, Ashleigh, is shooting with a Sony a7iii.

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