Case Study: Medical Amazing Tech

Atrium Health 

About the Partner

Atrium Health’s Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute had a record year with more than 50 heart transplants. 


The team wanted to share this huge accomplishment with the market not only to promote the institute, but to tell the story of how the future of transplants will be, given the innovative technology they are using. This video needed to speak to multiple audiences – patients, providers and the wider public.


There were a lot of moving parts and scheduling to tell this story the most effective way – multiple patient interviews, doctor interviews, and moving to multiple locations between the hospital and airport. These were all critical elements to tell the story we knew we had to tell and to drive the impact we knew Atrium wanted.


The collaboration between the Spiracle team and our partners across Atrium made this run seamless and allowed us to deliver on time amidst logistical challenges and availability of hospital space and the doctors and patients.


An on-time storytelling video that the team at Atrium is currently using with their external consumer patient audience to highlight the amazing process of getting a new heart for transplant. The marketing teams also shared the video across social media channels, driving strong engagement and reaction to their followers.


 We empowered Atrium’s team to connect with their audience in a way that captivates and engages:

"We enjoy working with Spiracle Media because they distinguish their product by prioritizing storytelling. Their philosophy centers on the belief that every brand possesses a distinctive story and collaborated closely with our team at Atrium Health to produce a video that captivates and connects with our audience."



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