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Spiracle is a Charlotte-based agency that specializes in delivering powerful, results-driven, videos and digital content.

Harnessing the power of collaborative vulnerability, we use empathy, competence and courage, to unlock everyone’s storytelling potential. 



what we do

Video production is a long-term investment that captivates your target audience and reinforces your brand identity. With effective, creative, and engaging visuals, video complements any marketing strategy to drive traffic and produce your desired results. Our strong expertise and journalistic background help in producing valuable story-driven content that evokes emotion and triggers a response for boosting sales, generating awareness, driving traffic, and improving search engine rankings.

Story & character driven content for websites, social media, events, and more.
Large-scale video production for broadcast, streaming platforms & social media campaigns.

Spiracle Proven Process

what makes us different

A story does more than communicate an idea; a story inspires action.

Our forward-thinking artistic approach is focused on creative content that captures human connection and evokes emotion that leads to action. Everything we develop is 100% aligned with your company brand values, your culture, and your goals. 

In addition to our story first approach, our dedicated producers run every project in a highly organized fashion while delivering on time

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We have built a team that solves problems rather than creating new ones. Our team members have worked in mainstream media and at agencies, telling stories, for their whole career

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Please take some time to tell us about your latest project or partnership that we can help you with. You can also call us at 1-844-774-7225. If this is a job inquiry, please send an email directly to