How Video Can Help Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

The talent market is constantly changing and with the last several years a roller coaster of candidate-led markets, client-led markets, layoffs and hiring freezes it’s critical to ensure you attract, retain and grow the right talent for your organization.

But how do you stand out from the crowd when it comes to attracting the right talent for your business? 

Over 50% of job seekers said they would like to see more videos during the recruitment process.

If you think about it, it makes sense – today’s job seekers are used to digesting information in short video formats (think Youtube, Instagram and TikTok) so ensuring they have a similar experience when looking for a job ensures you’ll keep their attention and have them wanting to learn more about you, your company and your culture.

Video is the best source to also show the genuine people behind your brand and showcase your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Today’s job seekers don’t want to just work for a brand, they want to work for a company culture that they believe in, can fit in with, and will dedicate their time to. Video storytelling lends itself perfectly to telling these employee stories and then sharing them across your external recruitment channels.

Take a look at the short video below to get some additional tips to help your talent acquisition strategy and get more of that talent you’re seeking, seeking you:



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