SPIRACLE BUZZ, Episode 2: Super Bowl Command Center

I’m a huge dork. Almost every day, I get excited about where our world is headed, especially when it involves Social Media. 

So what happens if you take an innovative Social Media initiative and combine it with the greatest annual spectacle in sports? Well, my dorkiness evolves into a whole new level.

With Super Bowl XLVI on the horizon, word about the host city’s technological welcome mat continues to gain steam. Indianapolis will greet its visitors with the Super Bowl’s first-ever Social Media command center. Publicity for the groundbreaking hub can be found here, here and here.

But we had some questions of our own, and we were able to take them to one of the command center’s main figures. Ryan Smith’s the head of Social Media at Raidious, the digital marketing agency which is managing the communications hub. Smith carved out some time to chat with us before things really ramp up in Indy.

CLICK the link below to hear how Smith and the command center plan to monitor countless mentions, why last year’s Super Bowl debacle led to this year’s Social Media listening and which honor Patriots QB Tom Brady may have already locked up.



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