Cassmer Ward

Consultant to Founders & Chief Financial Officer

Cassmer Ward (CPA) has 15+ years experience as a Financial Executive and Business Leader with expertise in operational analysis, strategic development/implementation, and entrepreneurship.

Cassmer has Accounting, Management Information Systems, and English degrees from UNC Charlotte, and an MBA from Queens University of Charlotte. While Cassmer started his career in the banking industry, he eventually moved on to Real Estate Development, Engineering, and various industries playing important roles in the accounting/finance departments. Additionally, Cassmer Ward started several of his own companies ranging from a residential engineering firm, a consulting firm, and even a donut shop. Cassmer first became a part of Spiracle Media as a customer while raising $2 million for a medical device start up company in 2010.

With a wide academic background, Cassmer still leans on everything he has learned from his English degree the most, stating “It’s not just the technical and practical experience you have that matters. You have to be able to communicate it to your business partners and put it into perspective.” Cassmer has 2 sons and spends his free time as an adjunct professor at Queens University teaching Entrepreneurship and Managerial Accounting.

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