Case Study: Tye Medical

About the Partner

Tye Medical builds adult incontinence products that ensure their customers have the perfect fit and best products in the market. Customers range from loved ones looking after their aging family members, adult caregivers and assisted living facilities. Their mission is to “empower the over 33 million Americans suffering from urinary incontinence and the many challenges it can bring to make a smart product choice as their incontinence solution.”



The partner approached us with an open agenda. They knew what deliverables they were hoping to achieve – web advertising spots and social – but were unsure of the creative direction only stating (because of the channel) they wanted to grab attention and be unique.

This industry and company is obviously in a unique segment of the medical market, so ensuring that we aligned properly to their vision but at the same time making sure the commercial spots had an impact was going to come down to the creative process and relationship with the partner. 



Our team provided four creative concepts and avenues that we presented to our partner who was very open and excited about all avenues. Through creative brainstorming and whiteboard sessions we were able to nail down the one avenue that aligned closest to his overall vision and impact for these pieces.  

We wanted to step away from the “sea of sameness” that seems to be the content in healthcare services and have a humorous spot that would stick out amongst their competitors. 



Once the avenue was selected our team got to work on refining the storyboard, building scripts and casting talent to ensure the humorous spot would hit all the marks. We rented a studio space for the day where several of our team was there along with our partner to get the most of the shoot – throwing out new lines on the spot to the actors, some of which actually made it into the final deliverables. 

This all worked only because our team and the partner were in lock step during the entire shoot. This relationship stemmed from the work we did together in the pre-production process. 


“These are awesome. They’re far better than my original image and I really enjoyed the on-site collaboration and ad-libbing. I think it made the videos feel more organic and gave them a lot more life than would have otherwise been the case.”

-Matthew Glenn, Digital Marketing Lead, Tye Medical


Working in a tight timeframe, with Tye Medical wanting to launch these digital spots before end of year, our team aligned quickly and effectively with the partner and drove immediate impact on this online campaign with the :30 second video ad getting over 50k views in less than 2 weeks on YouTube and a 50% watch-through rate




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