Case Study: CHIRON America

About the Partner

CHIRON Group specializes in vertical milling and mill-turning machining centers and is known for their turnkey and automation competency across the industry. CHIRON North America is located in Charlotte, NC and is the Group’s North American headquarters for manufacturing. 



Our initial conversations with the CHIRON team started with a live stream event in 2021 they were looking to produce. Coming out of the pandemic the project was put on pause, but their team and ours still saw a huge opportunity with video for their business. The marketing team at CHIRON came to Spiracle with a yearly budget and were looking for how best could they spend that budget to drive impact across several areas – external marketing, internal marketing/culture and recruitment. 



Having understood what areas meant the most and could drive the biggest impact for CHIRON, the Spiracle team built out several key creative avenues and directions they then shared back with the CHIRON team for fine-tuning and an agreement on direction. 

We clearly saw, with the team, a huge opportunity to stand out from the sea of sameness across manufacturing. The key of our creative was flipping the conventional view of the industry to make CHIRON stand out in a unique way. Our team took a unique approach to the creative and wanted to view machines as “luxury products”, not necessarily the hard, steel, robotic machines that everyone else shows them as.

Our creative avenues centered on three key tenets of CHIRON’s video strategy: 

  1. Focus on specific industries and the machines that produce what these customers need (aerospace, precision components, automotive, medical)
  2. Employee video that distinguishes the North American headquarters from the Germany headquarters
  3. Leveraging video from the German team of the machines 


We partnered with CHIRON from the beginning and agreed on the final direction for the videos – which ended up being 14 deliverables that were shot across 4 days. 


There was a lot we wanted to capture in the 4 day shoot. One day was dedicated just to the machines, one to the specific machine Micro5, one day centered around the employee video and story and the final day to capture scripted pieces and interviews. 

In order to capture everything that was laid out in the creative process the upfront work and trust built with the partner was very important. We held brainstorm and creative sessions with our partner every other week leading up to the actual shoot. 

This was critical, especially given that we were going down a direction that some partners would see as too “risky” especially in a very conservative industry as high-powered manufacturing. 



All 14 deliverables were delivered on-time and even better than the partner expected!

“The videos turned out even better than I could have hoped for. Incredible company and people! Could not be happier with how the video project turned out. The entire project was smooth, and their creative process is nothing short of impressive.”

-CHIRON America



The videos allowed the CHIRON team to not only make an impact in the markets they compete in – sharing it across social and other external channels that drove strong engagement and conversation by not only the stories themselves but the marketing investment dollars to promote. They also used it internally to drive culture across their North American headquarters.



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