Five Things to Consider Before Delivering Live Content

There is nothing new about live streaming video. However, its importance and necessity have been accelerated during the current pandemic. Teams have gone remote and video conferencing has become a no-brainer.  With that in mind, we have all felt Zoom (or insert platform of choice here) fatigue. Maybe you’re in the midst of this condition as you read this blog. 

The silver lining is that the experience doesn’t have to be mundane from a viewership standpoint. There are more platforms available than ever before. In turn, there is so much opportunity to create quality live content that won’t put your audience to sleep! 

Figuring out the right production and delivery takes the same mindset as putting together an effective story. Here are five things to think about before moving forward with live content delivery. 

Define Your Audience

As with each marketing and communications initiative, it starts with defining your audience. Does the segment of people you’re looking to reach prefer digital communication? Will the delivery of live content likely enhance engagement compared to alternate methods of delivery? Discovering the answer to these questions is key to moving forward. It will also guide the content creation. 

Select a Platform

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of platforms that you can leverage to distribute your content. YouTube and Vimeo’s Livestream are two that work well. These platforms allow you to embed the feed directly on your website. In effect, this brings traffic into your hub rather than a third party site. I’m a big proponent of creating a dedicated landing page for the broadcast especially when the audience is outside your organization. Our Chief Creative Officer, David Kernodle, does a great job speaking to the excitement of live stream in the video below.

Formulate a Budget

As is the case with projects of all types, it’s smart to have a budget in mind. It is also crucial that the budget is realistic. What are you looking to do? The broadcast of a full on event is going to cost a lot more than a talking head providing a teaching session. Live stream productions on average can range from $10K – $40K. It depends on how simple or complex the production, duration, etc. 

Ensure Quality

Quality always matters. Whether internal or external facing, the presentation needs to be polished. One of the ways to ensure that this happens is by utilizing the right equipment. Built in computer cameras should be a last-ditch solution. There are ways to hook up DSLR’s for much better quality. Remember, video isn’t the only thing that matters. Proper lighting and audio must follow suit. The last thing you want to happen is for the broadcast to become a distraction from the message. If that happens, retention of the information will diminish. 

Consider Live vs. Premiere

This final point is as important as the others. Maintaining control and keeping it simple should be the goal of the actual production. Live, in-person events certainty need to happen live. Nonetheless, considering live content that is pre-produced and delivered at a certain time is a great tactic as well. In addition, you should examine whether a mix of live segments and pre-produced content is the way to go.

No matter what the scenario, focusing on these five questions is a great starting point. It will solidify the foundation for moving forward with a trusted partner that can help you deliver content that matters. 



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