You can’t look at Charlotte’s skyline without seeing his mark. Attention stealing, works of art demonstrating creative chaos with meticulous detail. Matt Moore is easily the Queen City’s most sought after muralist.

Charlotte is known for its financial backbone. However, under the banking towers and high-rises, what the city is most known for is a growing art movement. Art is proving to not only be a creative outlet but an investment in our community. From murals to sculptures, the local art scene is unavoidable. Thanks to artists like Moore.

So what makes Matt Moore, Matt Moore?

Using a handful of paint brushes, and dozens of spray paint cans, Moore’s street art can be spotted in nearly every neighborhood in the Queen City. From NoDa to Southend, he’s blowing up boring walls with his take on modern murals.

Moore has always used art to express what his words can not. From a young age, he started with a simple sketch pad, transitioned to watercolors, then to painting in front of audiences. He still paints in front of audiences. It’s just different these days. It just happens to be on a 10-story tall canvas in front of hundreds of people a day.

This gets us back to the question. What makes Matt Moore, Matt Moore?

He’ll tell you, he just wants to create art that’s emotional; like him. Art that’s thought provoking; like him. Art that’s edgy and a little rock and roll; like him. Art that’s unapologetic; like him. Matt Moores’s art is Matt Moore.

In this film, we’ll capture him leaving his mark and show why Charlotte is the perfect canvas for his and other artists’ works.





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