The Hive Life: Talent, Retention, and Technology

Join us for this season’s three part series of The Hive Life. Now Available!

On the Hive Life, our goal is to share some of our experiences from the last 20 years while connecting you with subject matter experts within marketing, entrepreneurship and business. Informative, candid and fun is our preferred delivery.

Episode 1: The Evolution of HR

Nick Hernandez, VP of Talent Acquisition and Management at Levvel, has spent a considerable amount of his career in human resources. The last two years have forced him and many others to think a bit differently. Nick elaborates on how his company is looking to attract and retain talent while taking care of people in a hybrid world. 

Episode 2: Survival in the Restaurant Business

Christine Steiner, Owner and COO at Life’s Food, has faced significant challenges with a portfolio of over 20 restaurant franchises . The already high industry turnover rate has gone through the roof, leading to a new outlook and strategy. Steiner shares her approach and touches on what she hopes will be a recipe for success.

Episode 3: The Recruiting Game

In the final episode of our series, we sit down with PeopleSuite owner David Preston. Preston takes us inside the world of recruiting and provides insightful information regarding the current state of the job market. Who has the advantage, workers or employers? When is the best time to hire for sales?



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