Four keys to video storytelling success

Original article published on The Charlotte Business Journal


Video storytelling has emerged as a powerful tool that companies and individuals can utilize to captivate audiences, share their message and leave a lasting impact. With the wide use of social media and the increasing demand for engaging content, groups that embrace video storytelling can reap numerous benefits — if they have the right mindset and strategy. As the co-founder of a video content agency, I’d like to explore four key factors that have a major impact on an organization’s success with video content.

1. Organizational Belief in Storytelling 

At the heart of successful video storytelling lies an unwavering belief in the power of story. This belief starts at the top, with leadership understanding and championing its significance. When leaders recognize that stories can connect emotionally with their target audience, inspire action and build brand loyalty, they actively drive a culture that values and prioritizes their use.

2. Telling Impactful Stories

The ability to tell stories of impact is another essential aspect of effective video storytelling.

Groups that focus on showcasing how their products, services or initiatives positively influence people’s lives can create a deep connection with their audience. By highlighting real-life examples and customer success stories, these groups humanize their brand and establish a genuine emotional connection. Such stories evoke empathy, inspire action and enable viewers to relate to the organization’s mission on a personal level.



3. Collaboration During the Process

The process of creating compelling video content is a collaborative effort that may involve multiple stakeholders, including video production partners, marketers, subject matter experts and customers.

Successful companies understand the importance of collaboration in harnessing the full potential of video storytelling. By encouraging open communication and timely participation, they take advantage of diverse perspectives and expertise to create impactful content. This collective approach ensures that the process runs smoothly for all involved, and as a result, the core message has the best chance of being effectively communicated.

4. Willingness to Invest in Success

Video storytelling demands a certain level of investment, both in terms of resources and time. Brands that prioritize this effort understand that quality productions require dedicated budgets and skilled professionals. Allocating sufficient resources helps to ensure that story-driven content can play a key role in differentiating them in the marketplace. Investing in high-quality production partners, compelling scripts, top-notch cinematography and post-production enhances the overall viewer experience and elevates the brand.


With the amount of video that is being produced, it takes a focused and concerted effort to rise to the top. One of the greatest tragedies in this space is when great stories are told poorly — thus robbing them of their potential impact.

There are a lot of ways to get started. The simplest first step is to begin identifying the stories that matter to not only the organization, but also its customers. Remember to focus on the characters first. It’s this human element that sets the stage for real connection.


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