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Spiracle Films is part of the Spiracle Media family. It officially launched in 2021 with the release of the award-winning documentary Saving Spiracle

Films is focused on short films, original content, and documentaries. This brand under Spiracle Media is led by Chief Creative Officer David Kernodle and Head of Production Morgan Paterwich.

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Sound travels strangely in Piñas Bay.

There’s an ever-present white noise that swirls on the surface of the water and through the overgrown jungle floor. It’s part wave and wind. But if you listen even closer, you might hear something else. A name rumbling off the rocky shore. Isauro.

It seems everyone and everything knows who he is. From the fishing resort, Tropic Star Lodge, to the fish themselves; Isauro is as legendary as the fishing tales from this remote area of Panama.

He could very well be the best fisherman you’ve never heard of.

Until now.

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